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EV Motors

GVM 142

The GVM 142 Motors are a versatile line of motors that can operate at up to 95% efficiency. General applications include Motor Generator Units, or e-accessories such as electric power steering. The GVM 142 line of motors can be optimized for specific speed and torque points for a user system. Lastly, Parker offers their unique cooling configuration features that can increase power density significantly.


Can be used for a Permanent Magnet Alternator or Generator solution for Hybrid Vehicle Applications


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GVM 210

The GVM 210 series of Traction motors by Parker are a flexible and durable line of Electric motors. Their Main advantages in the many configurations that they are available in. Configuration options include voltage, rotor length, and winding variation. The GVM 210 series is also offered with Parker's unique cooling configuration that has minimal impact on size and weight.


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AC Motor Controllers - Inverters

Parker MA3 Series Inverters


Parker’s MA3 Series inverter combines high performance motor control with intelligent control functionality. Suitable for either PMAC or AC induction motors, it also offers the flexibility of several feedback options. Speed and torque points can be adjusted instantaneously and performance algorithms optimized to the vehicle’s needs. On-board digital communications with multiple protocols come standard, along with a USB programming port. The rugged cast aluminum housing integrates a proprietary cooling configuration and necessary environmental protection for the toughest mobile applications.

MA3 Product Flyer

Parker Mobile Inverters, Motors, and ePumps Brochure

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