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MotoHawk Maintenance

  • A MotoHawk license is a perpetual, non-ending license to use the software, controlled via the dongle. Maintenance is optional.
  • New purchasers of MotoHawk are given the ability to upgrade their MotoHawk for 1 additional major release of MotoHawk apart from the one they purchase, and support to submit bug fixes / feature requests.
  • The additional upgrade should be sequentially 'next' major release to the one purchased.
  • All beta versions of a particular MotoHawk major release(e.g. 2010aBeta2, 2010aBeta3) are counted under a single major release i.e 2010a.
    • For example, at the time of purchasing MotoHawk, I am given the current dongle (i.e. MotoHawk 2011a), and I am eligible to upgrade the dongle to 2011b and its Beta releases. I am not eligible for a free upgrade to MotoHawk 2012a and must pay for the maintenance to do so.
  • Maintenance purchases come with the ability to extend the upgrades to two additional major releases. These additional versions should also be sequential to previous license.
  • All license access is controlled via the USB dongle.
  • If the original license or the Maintenance expires you are no longer eligible for software support.

MotoHawk Support

  • MotoHawk is a production software development environment, useful for prototyping or production. It is intended to be used by an experienced engineer in mechatronics, controls and embedded engineering. As such, the purchase of training and applications engineering is encouraged to use the tool.
  • New purchases and maintenance purchases (licenses under maintenance) have the ability to submit problems and make feature requests of the product (defined as "standard support"), but are not entitled to applications consulting which is defined as extensive installation support, general troubleshooting, and general usage of Mathworks, MotoHawk, embedded hardware and software issues. These items are provided in applications support contracts that are sold via monthly retainers, time and material consulting, or via a production supply agreement for modules.
  • Current MotoHawk customers are entitled to the ability to download additional documentation, participating on forums for trouble shooting and applications support, and the wiki.
  • MotoHawk customers are encouraged to attend a training class from New Eagle or a qualfied partner, or use the consulting contract as a means to gain experience with the product. For information on the training course, visit MotoHawk Training
  • MotoHawk users are encouraged to participate in or watch the webinars that are open for training and learning of the product.
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