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New Eagle engineers offer system engineering and custom embedded control systems solutions including system designs, development, and integration tools and processes. Services that are provided by New Eagle include controls, production software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long term customer support.

LPG Engine Control

New Eagle has experience developing gaseous engine systems for both stationary and over the road applications. New Eagle uses it's library of engine controls, it's production qualified engine control hardware and the MotoHawk code generation platform to develop gaseous engine control solutions for our customers.

Features of these systems include:

  • Automotive quality and prices for components including sensors, throttles, and engine controllers
  • Enhanced user interface for engine control and system installation and setup
  • Auto Start / Stop features for scheduled duty cycle or remote engine and load control
  • Fuel efficiency advantages by utilizing automotive style torque control algorithms
  • OBD diagnostics to protect engine and other system components
  • Adaptive to multiple fuel usage
  • Adaptable controls for mobile and stationary applications
  • Experience with vapor lock handling and purge routines

For detailed information on our gaseous engine projects, please refer to our gaseous engine case studies at OBD Compliant LPG Engine Conversion or Natural Gas Engine with Variable Energy Adjustment.

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Please contact us to discuss your engine management needs.

Mixed-Fuel (Dual-Fuel) Diesel Engine Controls

New Eagle engineers have worked to help customers build Dual-fuel (diesel / cng) control systems to reduce the fuel cost of stationary and mobile applications, both certified and non-certified. The MotoHawk tool chain is an ideal product for such an application.

  • Allow existing diesel engines to safely substitute natural gas ranging from 65% to 80%
  • Mileage dramatically increases due to burn rate and efficiency of diesel combustion
  • Market payback: occurs within months, depending upon price of fuel
  • Seamless integration with existing vehicle systems via CAN:
    • Transmission
    • Chassis
    • Body
    • Instrument Clusters

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Please contact us and we can introduce you to a customer in the market with a system for you.

Bi-Fuel CNG

Bi-Fuel CNG fuel system

Would you like to drive the hybrid vehicle of tomorrow? The hybrid is a CNG option to your gasoline vehicle. New Eagle is developing a Bi-fuel CNG fuel system for both PFI and DI injection gasoline engines.

Our Port-Fuel Injection kit is available for configuration to both GM and Ford pick-up and other light duty vehicles. The Direct Injection is still in development and is expected in 2014.

System Operation

New Eagle’s Controls Engineers are modifying the original Fuel system into a retrofit Bi-fuel CNG Sequential Fuel System. The new system intercepts the OEM ECU injector signals with a translator box that acts as a switch to cyle in and out of CNG while keeping the OEM ECU's diagnostics in control.

The New Eagle system can be biased to use more CNG or Gasoline depending upon the customers driving conditions require. The most important feature is that our system can run on either Gasoline only or a mix of CNG and Gasloline. No more do you have to worry about running out of fuel and trying to find a CNG station.

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