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From software development to hardware selection to full system integration, New Eagle has extensive experience with engine control systems. Please see the information below on New Eagle's ECM software offering, control module options, and other engine-related components. As always, New Eagle's experienced application engineers are capable of providing engineering services and project support on whatever level is needed.

Please visit this page from the New Eagle website for more information on New Eagle's engine control systems capabilities, as well as a few case studies demonstrating prior experience and project success.


New Eagle’s Base ECM Software enables rapid engine control development. The software comes initially configured with common I/O and strategies, but is architected for easy customization to customer requirements. This solution avoids a blank-sheet starting point: the base model contains control strategies validated over years of projects and represents New Eagle’s state-of-the-art engine control know-how.

The offering constitutes of four parts:

  1. Base ECM Software
  2. Torque Path Add-On
  3. J1939/OBD Tasks Add-On
  4. OBD Major Monitors Add-On

Please see the datasheet in the link below for more detailed information.

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Engine Control Modules

New Eagle offers several modules specifically designed for engine control:

  • The most-capable Raptor ECM is the ECM196.
  • The most-capable MotoHawk ECM is the PCM112.

Please visit this page to see the full lineup of MotoHawk-compatible ECMs, including 48pin, 70pin, and 128pin variants.

Sensors & Actuators

New Eagle offers several sensors and actuators commonly found on engines, such as:

Please visit the Sensors and Actuators page to see the full selection.

I/O Devices

New Eagle offers numerous I/O devices that may be useful as instrumentation during development, such as:

Please visit the I/O Devices page to see the full selection.

Other Hardware Products

AIM - Advanced Ignition Module

The AIM 500 is easy to install and will work on most stationary or transient engine platforms. It is a digital controller with fully calibrateable software. Digital Display (-40F to 158F) The AIM 500 Is a production ready solution. If you have additional requirements, get in touch with us and we can customize it to your needs.

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Stand-Alone Diesel & Gasoline Engine Controllers

These controllers are capable of operating as a standalone engine management unit for a variety of vehicles and engines. The i7 modules are specially designed to work with direct injection SI and CI engines. This module also offers several emission control features; extensive pressure and temperature inputs, control outputs for EGR valve and 4 knock sensor inputs for combustion analysis.

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ECM-NIRA i7x-1301

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ECM-NIRA i7rs-1301

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ECM-NIRA i7rp-1301

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Cam and Crank 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The New Eagle Cam and Crank 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator is designed to simulates low frequency, digital Cam and Crank signals. These signals can be calibrated using MotoTune Software to fit any Cam and Crank combination. The included harnesses are designed specifically for the simulation of these Cam and Crank Signals.

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Diesel & Direct Injection Driver System

New Eagle supplies a diesel (solenoid or piezo) and gasoline (DI) injector product line for use with MotoHawk or other engine control development tools. This injector driver is built upon a production diesel engine controller meaning it is rugged and available for volume production.

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