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About Raptor™

The Raptor development tool allows for controls development using automatic code-generation on production hardware targets. Built upon Matlab Simulink and Simulink Coder, Raptor provides the ability for the user to connect Simulink to hardware resources on the controller. Raptor is useful for teaching and laboratory experiment benches, as well as vehicle and test cell controls. For more information on the Raptor Platform, please visit the Raptor Platform Introduction page on our main site, the New Eagle Product Wiki Raptor-Dev, Raptor-CAN, and Controllers pages, or click on the video links below.

Raptor Overview Video Raptor Getting Started Video Programming Raptor Controllers Video Programming Raptor Displays Video

Raptor™ University Program – New Eagle Offerings

  • Raptor license discounted at 50% off list price.
  • Raptor hardware at list price.
  • Raptor Products can be purchased on the New Eagle Products Webstore.
  • Raptor University Program cost and discounts are contingent upon approval by New Eagle and compliance to the University responsibilities.
  • New Eagle will provide support via the Product Wiki.
  • Engineering support requires payment. Payment is made prior to requesting an engineer’s assistance.
  • Any questions? Contact Us!

Raptor™ University Program – University Responsibilities

  • The University Staff member must sign the terms for this Program.
  • The University will allow New Eagle free access to attend and display at University job fairs.
    • Please provide name of University representative to confirm New Eagle’s participation.
  • New Eagle will be allowed to acknowledge the University’s use of Raptor in print on our Website.
  • University staff or student user must participate in the User Forums when applicable.

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