Raptor-Cal Release 2016b_0.0.2

Raptor-Cal 2016b_0.0.2

We’ve released Raptor-Cal 2016b_0.0.2 to software.neweagle.net. If you have not already created an account here please do so (sign up here). Once your account is set up, we will add you to the Raptor-Cal project and you will have access to downloads and may submit issues / feature requests.

As a reminder, you may find additional information for Raptor-Cal on our wiki at:

Your license will need to contain permissions for Raptor-Cal 2016b. If your license is current on software maintenance then this permission should already have been applied to your license. You may use the New Eagle License Viewer to retrieve your updated license. Please contact support@neweagle.net if you have questions about your license.
Here are the changes for 2016b_0.0.2:

– Performance enhancements made to reduce number of file reads when opening display (*.rdis), calibration (*.rcal), or programming (*.rpg) files.

Issues Resolved:
0001656: [Calibrations] Improve error messaging
– 0001664: [Raptor-CAL] Entering decimal values on Swedish PC with decimal separator of ‘,’ (Comma) causes values to be formatted incorrectly.
– 0001651: [Raptor-CAL] Compare Cal not correctly identifying unique calibrations 
– 0001660: [Calibrations] Raptor-Cal does not save baud rate when selected from bottom status bar
– 0001662: [Raptor-CAL] Status bar reporting incorrect connection state
– 0001655: [Calibrations] Raptor-Cal folders should be listed in alphabetical order 
– 0001659: [Calibrations] Table view showing incorrect values 
– 0001358: [Raptor-CAL] CM2115 recovery doesn’t always work 
– 0001359: [Raptor-CAL] CM711 recovery (and factory fresh programming) doesn’t alway work
– 0001618: [MotoHawk] Programming dialog does not indicate failure when connection is lost
Additional Supported Modules:
– ECM-0S12-024-0802-F
– ECM-0S12-024-0804-F
– SECM70-1512-MI-C
– SECM70-1513-PG-C
– SECM70-1562-MI-F
– SECM70-1563-PG-F
– SECM70-1565-OH-F
– ECM-S12X-070-1001-C
– GCM-0S12-024-0401-F
– GCM-0S12-024-0402-F

You can find the full release notes in the installation directory. For more details on any of the resolved issues listed above, visit software.neweagle.net and enter the given issue number.