Raptor™ is New Eagle’s control system platform for implementing complex, “Intelligent Machines”. The idea of a platform is having a line of compatible products where all the components cleanly integrate with one another. A cohesive platform can utilize design elements in a synergistic manner to reduce duplication and accelerate development by leveraging the strengths of each component in a design. New Eagle’s Raptor platform consists of three facets: Tools, Products, and Systems. This platform allows you to design and develop custom control systems specific to your application. Raptor uses model-based development to leverage proven design elements and code-generation, reduce hardware verification efforts, and maintain a consistent application development interface across ECU hardware.

The Raptor platform > is a development platform for full system lifecycle. It offers a control system development tool suite for taking a project from start to finish including:

  • Concept, ECU, and Component Specification
  • Design and Software Development using Model-Based Development
  • Hardware/Wiring Development
  • System Integration and Calibration
  • Validation
  • Production
  • Fleet Management
  • Service

New Eagle’s controls development platform includes all the pieces you need to develop an intelligent machine, including advanced model-based software development tools, reusable software libraries, rugged control modules capable of distributed control, integrated displays and cloud-connected telematics. By offering a complete platform, we are able to leverage the capabilities of the individual components and provide a synergy that allows rapid, high content development – the creation of the Raptor “Intelligent Machine”.

Raptor Tools >

The New Eagle Raptor platform offers a wide variety of control system development tools from creating customized software to validating industrial hardware.

Development Tools >

The Raptor development tool uses Model-Based development techniques to program Raptor production hardware. It is a controls system development tool suite for taking a project from start to finish including: concept, ECU and component specification, design and software development using model-based development, hardware and wiring development, system integration and calibration, validation, production, and service. It is built upon Matlab Simulink and Simulink Coder providing a software package to allow the user to target supported ECU’s, providing Simulink access to hardware resources. The Raptor build environment allows the same software to be compiled to multiple ECU’s with minimal changes to the target definition. The Raptor build engine handles the setup and configuration of processor resources and includes XCP support for secure calibration of the ECU.

Note: Raptor works with machine controllers and displays. New Eagle also offers the MotoHawk line of products which complement Raptor with a different set of IO, processing and packaging considerations MotoHawk tool chain

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Calibration Tools >

Raptor exposes XCP, an industry standard calibration protocol. Its efficient data transfer offers improved logging throughput compared to proprietary protocols. Raptor-Cal is the newest addition to Raptor for calibration. In addition, most common calibration tools are supported, such as CANape, INCA, and ATI Vision.

MotoHawk developers use MotoTune, Raptor-Cal or third-party CCP/XCP based calibration tools.

Raptor-CAL provides built in support for Raptor ECUs. For a video introduction, please see the webinar Raptor-CAL Webinar

Service and Diagnostic Tools >

The Raptor platform supports the use of low-cost Kvaser CAN hardware and heavy-duty industry-standard RP1210 adapters commonly found at service shops today. The intuitive graphical interface allows technicians to perform troubleshooting and field software upgrades with ease. The service tools have software-configurable access levels for software developers, calibrators, dealer/service technicians, and consumers. The Raptor service and diagnostic tools support customer-specific security to protect your application from tampering.
MotoHawk developers use MotoService or custom service tools.


Automated Testing >

New Eagle has developed an automated testing platform for Raptor and MotoHawk models that greatly improves the effectiveness and speed of software verification. It facilitates testing of model-based software against requirements through simulated hardware-in-the-loop (SimHIL) and provides an intuitive, graphical user interface for authoring and executing test scripts. It encourages accumulation of verification infrastructure over project lifetime, allowing validation effort to scale in a write-once run-many fashion. The New Eagle Automated Testing tool allows for increased confidence in production intent software releases.

Raptor University Program

New Eagle is currently offering a Raptor University Program to university students and staff. Please email sales@neweagle.net for more information.