Flexible CAN Gateway Solutions

Just as humans have developed hundreds of spoken languages over the course of history, so too has the modern automobile. Instead of Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, cars and trucks speak J1939, CANopen, Modbus, or GMLAN (to name a few!). And just like human languages, trying to understand these communication protocols without years of experience can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Properly understanding these communication protocols before trying to transmit or manipulate any messages is an absolute must—these serial communication protocol often transmit safety-critical data from one component to another, such as torque requests to an engine. Given these challenges, how can one safely translate information from one protocol to another? This is often necessary in complex automotive systems where different components speak different languages but still need to communicate to each other.

CAN Gateway System

New Eagle has the experience, tools, and product offering to deliver hardware solutions that can translate messages from one communication protocol to another (and vice versa). New Eagles uses relatively small, low cost control modules, referred to as CAN Gateways, and programs these modules to act as translators. New Eagle has a wealth of experience with many of the most common communication protocols found in automotive, marine, and industrial applications today.


Product Spotlight: J1939 CAN Gateway

J1939 is the most common network protocol used in heavy duty vehicle applications. Originally, J1939 was specified for 250kbaud communication among vehicle components. However, the new J1939 specification is under development to double network speed and move from 250kbaud to 500kbaud. Many OEMs and suppliers are requiring 500kbaud in 2016 and require a gateway as all vehicle platforms transition. To learn more how New Eagle can help you transition to the new J1939 standard, please contact us.


CAN Gateway FAQ

1. What are some common applications for the CAN Gateway?

  • Old J1939 (250kbps) to New J1939 (500kbps) protocol
  • Instrument Cluster Communication
  • Body Control Translator
  • Transmission/Engine Translator
  • J1939 to OEM Protocol
  • Discrete I/O to CAN
  • Programming/Service Tool Translator

2. What are some of the protocols you have experience with?

Translating between any of the communication protocols listed below:

  • J1939
  • CANopen
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • Modbus
  • J1587
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Cummins
  • Custom or Proprietary Protocols

3. Are there specific controllers that would be recommended for this application?

We recommend using low-cost controllers with adequate processing power.


For any additional questions, please contact us.