Intelligent Machines

Advanced machines today require a high level of intelligence. This often requires advanced software and a connected, distributed communications architecture. New Eagle’s controls development platform includes all the pieces you need to develop an intelligent machine, including advanced model-based software development tools, reusable software libraries, rugged control modules capable of distributed control, integrated displays and cloud-connected telematics. By offering a complete platform, we are able to leverage the capabilities of the individual components and provide a synergy that allows rapid, high content development – the creation of an intelligent machine.IntelligentMachineSys

Model-Based Design

Modern engineering tools help control engineers tackle tough problems. Advanced software tools such as MATLAB Simulink allow engineers to model the dynamics of the system to enhance understanding and accelerate controls development. By working against the modeled system, engineers can create and optimize the control algorithm without requiring an expensive, physical system. In addition, the simulated environment allows execution of the system model against corner-case operating conditions that may be difficult and/or expensive to replicate in the real world. Once a control algorithm has been proven in the model domain, it must be realized in a real world, most commonly in the form of an electronic controller. This step used to require the manual conversion of the control model into a C source code implementation.

Our model-based software development tools can eliminate this step via code generation – providing faster iteration, lower cost, and, importantly, allowing the controls engineer to remain in control of the process.

Diagnostics and OBD

Modern intelligent machines often conform to industry standards for application protocols and/or diagnostics. For these common application features, New Eagle has developed software libraries and components to accelerate your time-to-market. This componentized intellectual property enables drag & drop reuse of functionality that has already been validated for use which reduces both development and validation time.

User Input and Display

New Eagle offers hardware elements and complementary software components that help minimize the effort required to acquire user input and populate a user display interface. These smart components are easier to add to the control design in the model-based development environment because the details of the hardware/software interface have already been worked out.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Part of the intelligent machine solution often involves real-time monitoring and, in some cases, adjustments / software updates. New Eagle’s telematics offering is highly integrated with the application data flows within the control system. As part of an integrated offering, application software design data flows into the telematics solution design. In addition to application data, for modules within the New Eagle platform, the telematics component is connected to lower-layer software within the control modules to enable remote calibration and software updates.