Hydraulic Systems


No matter what type of heavy machinery you are designing, New Eagle hydraulic controls hardware and proven software development tools can quickly bring your hydraulic application to market. Our “fly-by-wire” hydraulic control systems offer significant advantages over conventional manual hydraulic controls: weight savings, safety features, and unique control capability that can incorporated into the software. Our board range of hydraulic control modules and displays can be specialized to meet the needs of any application. In fact, New Eagle has successfully delivered complete hydraulic control solutions for a wide range of diverse projects such as transportable oil rigs (derrick), a towable mini excavator, fracking machines, and cranes.

New Eagle supplies everything you need to control your hydraulic machine: control modules specifically designed for hydraulic applications, displays (i.e. HMI) to command your system and provide feedback to the user, and the expertise to successfully integrate all of these diverse components. Our hydraulic control modules (HCMs) are designed to actuate hydraulic motors, cylinders, and control valves from major hydraulic component manufacturers, such as Parker-Hannifin.  Our displays range from small, low-cost black and white monitors to large, color, touchscreens with custom graphics.


Hydraulic Systems Case Studies


Towable Mini-Excavator
New Eagle was asked to redesign the controls of a small, towable excavator.


Transportable Oil Rig
New Eagle developed a system to control hydraulically actuated arms of an oil rig so that the structure could be collapsed for transport and re-opened once at a drilling site.