Ford Transit Van EV Kit


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*Model Year and Model Type Coverage (MY 13-16 150)

Convert a Ford Transit Van to Plug-In Electric

The New Eagle Ford Transit Van kit allows a manufacturer to convert their vehicle to a zero emission, plug-in electric vehicle.

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System Features

  • Plug and Play interface to Ford OEM Electrical system
  • Adapts to Ford OEM engine mounts
  • Modular Powertrain System includes all the necessary components mounted to skid
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Drives just like OEM vehicle
  • Automated Multi Speed Gearbox available
  • Proven EV Supervisor Software Control Unit
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs


Vehicle Electrification And Modular Design

Ford Transit EV Kit

Powertrain Specification

Ford Transit Van Powertrain Specification

Component List

  • Supervisory Vehicle Control Unit
  • Electric Drive Motor
  • Gearbox (Multi Speed Available)
  • Powertrain Cradle and Mounts
  • Powertrain Component Tray
  • Battery Pack (several options available)
  • DC/DC Converter
  • Electric Air Conditioner
  • Electric Heater
  • HV Power Distribution Unit
  • Electrical Harnessing High and Low Voltage
  • Batter Charger with Charger Interface J1772
  • Driver Display
  • Drive Mode Selector
  • Cooling Pump
  • Electric Power Steering Pump
  • Electric Brake Assist Pump


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