What We Do

At New Eagle, we create, integrate, and supply custom control system solutions that are tailored to customer specifications. Clients work with our engineers to develop and integrate solutions using MotoHawk® and Raptor® model-based development tools. In addition, New Eagle provides reliable hardware, supplying the necessary products in order to expedite the prototype to production process. Our customers value our ability to manage complex programs with efficiency, dedication, and integrity working to accommodate the diverse needs of various industries.

Working Hands machine BW Image engineers

Experienced and flexible

New Eagle engineers have expertise in a wide variety of applications, with our most noteworthy including autonomous, vehicle control, alternative fuel engine control, hydraulics, electric, and hybrid systems. Therefore, a variety of industries use our applications. Such industries include on-highway vehicles, work trucks, construction, mining, rail, marine, material handling, power generation, and military. In addition, we adapt to the different process and documentation requirements for a diverse customer base.

Our engineers customize for you

New Eagle engineers work to develop unique control system solutions based on the various needs of our customers. After developing pre-production prototypes, we build applications on hardware that are already production-ready. We are also able to supply our clients with any necessary products, saving them both time and money.

Our Raptor® model-based development tool allows us to cleanly integrate control system solutions with a line of compatible products, and our consulting services incorporate the best practices from a variety of disciplines. Thanks to Raptor®, duplication and accelerate developments are reduced due to the synergistic manner of the design elements.

Since our partners carry a variety of products, New Eagle is able to design a unique control system solution for individual demands. The systems are fully designed and tested for proficiency in performance and quality, and the necessary products are supplied. From concept to market, our engineers accommodate to all of our customers’ needs, developing the best possible control system solutions.