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Xpurge® – Leap Frog Technology for DPF Cleaning

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DPF Cleaning & Scanning

Not all DPF Cleaning Technologies are created equally.  New Eagle has partnered with an Internationally Proven Emission Reducing DPF cleaning process service that reduces DPF replacement costs, fallout rates, and ongoing maintenance!

With the patented Xpurge DPF cleaning process, DPF cleaning is more effective and efficient than traditional jet (air) machine cleanings. An Xpurge-cleaned DPF improves fuel consumption and increases the time between filter cleanings as 60% more ash is removed from the filter than by pneumatic cleanings.

Combined with revolutionary DPF inspection technology known as Veritex, Xpurge Leap Frog Technology for DPF Cleaning promises less filter failure and a DPF that is remanufactured to a like-new condition.

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What does it do for you?

New Eagle-Emission Systems division has teamed up with Ceramex North America, an internationally recognized DPF cleaning and inspection specialist with more than 15 years of experience.  In that time, Ceramex Worldwide has successfully cleaned over 100,000 DPFs and applied unique inspection technologies to ensure the highest quality of cleaning and reassure customers that cleaned DPFs perform as well as a brand new part.

In multiple cleaning trials…

  • Improved major OEM and Fleet Customers yields to 95+%
  • Removed an average of 1/2 pound more ash using Xpurge cleaning

Why your current DPF Cleaning System cannot outperform our technology

  • Patented Technology
  • High Capacity Machine
  • Combination of air and deionized water (eliminating path of least resistance) yielding optimal results
  • Ash and Soot effectively removed to restore units to ‘like-new’ condition


How we add value to your DPF program

  • Our unique value is an all-makes exchange program for DPFs unlike any other available today
  • Large fleets consider emission systems the biggest headache on their vehicles due to unknown service intervals and high replacement costs
  • Local cleaning technologies were developed nearly a decade ago and do not throuorughly remove all ash that has accumulated in the unit
  • Insufficient cleaning leads to high fallout of filters and expensive replacement csts
  • Reman DPF’s could provide significant savings to their customers while bringing a critical solution to the market

Benefits of Ceramex Cleaned DPFs

  1. 100% Validation to “like new” spec
  2. Great savings to OE New & Aftermarket
  3. Guaranteed quality and service intervals
  4. Fuel savings up to 7%

    ceramex dpf remaining ash image

    Ash is still present after pneumatic cleaning. Xpurge removes up to a half pound more ash!

How Xpurge® Works

Where pneumatic cleanings rely on solely air pressure to clean the filter (which allows for air to escape through low-resistance pathways), Xpurge utilizes deionized water as a means of eliminating these escape ways.  This combination of water and air pressure create a ‘flush’ that eliminates up to a half-pound more ash than traditional DPF cleanings.

Using cleaner filters leads to more efficient fuel usage–up to 7% in savings!–which means less fuel used and more money saved by you and your fleet.

old dpf cleaning issues image

Ineffective DPF cleaning example

Deionized water eliminates paths of least resistance with Xpurge

Xpurge’s Resolution: Deionized water eliminates paths of least resistance

Residual Ash Issues

  • Fuel efficiency: Experts from MIT Say that residual build up of ash toward the end plugs of the filter hurt efficiency 5-7% due to increased back pressure and decreased region intervals.
  • Service Intervals: Air jet technologies are known to clean the filter as little as 30%, severely decreasing the service life of the DPF up to 100,000-200,000 miles
  • Service Life: Experts from Detroit Diesel say that residual ash in the filter can cause hot spots in the filter which lead to cracks in the substrate.
  • MIT has found evidence that ash deposits expand over time, which may also lead to cracking
  • Chemical compounds in the ash may also contribute to substrate deterioration.
truck dpf cleaning visual

Illustrates old DPF Cleaning Technology: ineffective cleanings shorten life cycles and heighten costs!

Outstanding Performance

Patented Xpurge DPF Cleaning technology provides outstanding cleaning performance that delivers significant savings in fuel consumption and increases the intervals between cleaning.  It has made Ceramex a leading international DPF cleaning provider counting many of the world’s manufacturers and operators of trucks, buses, and off-highway equipment among customers.

Ceramex is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and use a range of inspection technologies to check the condition of the DPF after cleaning to ensure the highest quality standards.  This provides assurances that the filter has been successfully cleaned and can be re-fitted with confidence.

Pneumatic Cleaning Problems, Solved by Xpurge.

High Fallout Rates:

  • 30+% First Clean
  • 50+% Second Clean
  • 90+% Third Clean

High Replacement Costs

  • OE Products priced $3-3,500
  • Reman/Aftermarket priced $2-2,500

High Maintenance Item

  • Diminishing duty cycles between subsequent cleanings
  • Ex.: 175,000 miles—>122,000 miles—>75,000 miles
  • Reduced Fuel mileage between subsequent cleanings
old machines

Outdated pneumatic cleaning machines use jet (air) cleaning methods.


About Veritex® Screening: Damage Detection

Veritex scanning process detects any damage to the filter.  If damage is detected, DPF replacements are available with exact OEM fit, form, and function at competitive market prices. In-house engineering, validation, and durability testing ensures OEM quality and performance.

replacement dpf image


clear dpf veritex

Clear DPF, Veritex Inspected.

blocked dpf veritex

Blocked DPF, Veritex Inspected.

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