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At New Eagle, our engineers are control systems experts. No matter what your needs are, we know how to design, develop, and create control systems that will fit your application. We combine custom software engineering with off-the-shelf hardware to get you where you need to go, and to get you there fast.

Our Process

We will support you from concept to proof, and everything in between.  Our goal is to make sure you get the performance you expect, the efficiency you need, and a system that works seamlessly in your application.

Concept Validation

The first step in our process to create control systems is working with the customer to develop a pre-production prototype, often building these using templates and libraries we’ve developed. This, paired with building applications on hardware that is already production-ready, adds reliability and speeds development. Alternatively, we can use a customer concept controller as a starting point for a pre-production intent prototype.

Design Validation

Once we have a concept completed, we work with the customer to develop a production intent design. This stage includes developing diagnostics strategies and proper documentation for the system. In this stage, we begin proper Verification and Validation (V&V) of the control system and its components.

Production Validation

Next, we validate the process of the controls inside the system. We complete the diagnostics and develop solutions for manufacturing, service, and support. We then develop production supply agreements that confirm warranty and access to components and controllers.

Product Support and Training

Some of our customers want to lead the development process for controls, but do not have the resources to perform proper design reviews of software models, system verification, validation, and safety assessments of both the system and the use of our controller…we can help here, too. For more information, see our Support Policy.