Autonomous Systems

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There has been a recent increase in autonomous vehicle research and production within the automotive industry, with dozens of automotive companies making promises for a future that sees the development of driver-less vehicles. With our unique ability to develop control system solutions, New Eagle can assist customers in the production of autonomous vehicles by taking them from concept, to prototype, to market quickly and affordably.

Our strategic partnerships with customers and vendors has led to the utilization of our software and hardware within supplied, developed, and deployed autonomous vehicles around the world. In addition, our relationships with the University of Michigan – MCity and SPARK @nnarbor usa- Willow Run has kept New Eagle on the forefront of autonomous vehicle automation, as has as our extensive supplier network of autonomous EV/HEV components.

Raptor Platform Toolkit

The integration of our Raptor software can enable a vehicle to exchange motion data with other parts of the infrastructure, and with other vehicles, for increased safety and control. It can also integrate the received data in driver assistance or automated driving systems. The Raptor Software contains an open Robotic and Autonomous System (RAS) control software tool chain, a programmable system controller, a driver interface, an optional sensor interface, and a Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) transceiver. In addition, our New Eagle System Controller supports CAN Bus and Ethernet communications.

Rapid Development of Complex Control Systems

New Eagle has the ability to take existing military grade controllers and adding model based design software. The controllers are then compatible with common rapid controls prototyping software. However, a low level software access to the target controller is required.

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