Monthly Archives: May 2015

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    June 2015 Webinar: MotoHawk Platform History and Future

    This webinar will discuss the MotoHawk platform history and its development by Woodward.  Given MotoHawk has over a 10 year development history of solving technical and program timing problems, we would like to review its initial motivation and will confirm that the reasons to use the tools are still valid. The presenter will review a list of common… read more

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    July 2015 Webinar: Service Tools

    During this webinar we review how to quickly build a production diagnostics service tool. Whether you are a MotoHawk or Raptor™ or other control system user, we will provide options for off-the-shelf or semi-custom tools which will save you time and money.  This webinar was originally presented on Thursday, July 16, 2015 live from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  … read more

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    Bus Con 2015

    September 28-30, 2015 Bus Con, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN Please visit us at the BusCon Booth #431 to discuss our control solutions for Alternative Fuel Systems, Electric Propulsion Systems, and the launch of the Raptor™ Platform, a new product line for complex, “Intelligent Machines”. Raptor includes the tools and products to build a better system.  Highlights… read more