Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Control Systems Crash Course on Raptor - New Eagle

    December 2014 Webinar: Raptor™ Platform Introduction

    During this webinar we introduced Raptor™, New Eagle’s control system platform for implementing complex, “Intelligent Machines”. The idea of a platform is having an line of compatible products where all the components cleanly integrate with one another. A cohesive platform can utilize design elements in a synergistic manner to reduce duplication and accelerate development by… read more

  • 2014 4th Quarter eNews

    Our Fall eNews highlights New Eagle’s newest products, provides the schedule for upcoming webinars,  and provides the latest information on Raptor™ and telematics. Many of you are looking for additional bandwidth for your controls engineering projects.  We can help!  New Eagle provides short and long term personnel that can run the gamut between project deliverables to complete… read more

  • Motohawk Graphic

    November 2014 Webinar: MotoHawk User Tips & Libraries

    During this webinar New Eagle’s engineering team shared tips for MotoHawk users and presented New Eagle’s suite of MotoHawk libraries. This webinar was original presented live from Ann Arbor, MI. You can watch this webinar here:   Covering the following Agenda: Project Directory and MATLAB Path Importance of maintaining all project files in project directory… read more

  • data logger NE image

    October 2014 Webinar: Data Logger

    In this webinar New Eagle presented the New Eagle VeeCAN320 Data Logger. This logger utilizes a USB 2.0 stick for data storage and effortless data retrieval. Two CAN channels are provided, preconfigured to 250K and 500k, with logging at rates up to 1ms to make this device an ideal choice for most CAN bus environments. While… read more