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  • General and Hydraulic Control Modules: New Eagle Knows your Market.

    General Control Module Families 48 pin 563 General Control Module These rugged controllers are capable of operating in harsh automotive, marine, and off-highway applications. The onboard floating-point unit and high clock frequency allow software to be executed in short times. The CAN 2.0B datalink ensures interoperability with other vehicle systems. Each controller is available in… read more

  • Motohawk engine control image

    Engine Control Solutions: MotoHawk/Simulink Blocks Used In Rapid Development

    MotoHawk MotoHawk® is a controls system application development tool that allows the user to create Simulink® diagrams that run on the MotoHawk Control Solutions’ rugged, automotive-quality embedded control modules. The product summary can be downloaded here: MotoTron Product Guide. MotoHawk is intended for control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. MotoHawk is built on Woodward’s… read more

  • automotive virtual conference MATHworks image

    New Eagle is Presenting at MathWorks Automotive Virtual Conference 2013

    MathWorks Automotive Virtual Conference 2013 MathWorks Automotive Virtual Conference is an online environment featuring live, interactive events – all at the convenience of your desktop. Register now! The MATLAB Virtual Conference focused on how to get the most out of MATLAB®and Simulink® for technical computing and Model-Based Design. This free event offered four tracks covering all… read more

  • rich and mickey new eagle founders image

    New Eagle’s History: Experience with Embedded Excellence.

    ABOUT NEW EAGLE, LLC New Eagle is a Mechatronic system integrator with electronic control products, applications service, and product support. Brief History: 2000: New Eagle Software, LLC is founded Specialists in Model-Based Embedded Control Engineering services becomes primary business model Embedded control products including RapidHawk are developed 2003: New Eagle sold to MotoTron MotoHawk® software… read more