Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Electric Vehicle Control Solutions: New Eagle accelerates your EV/HEV project.

    Turn-key EV Supervisor Controller The New Eagle™ EV Supervisor controller, also known as the EV Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a fully pre-programmed control module that connects to several driver inputs and sends a torque request to an inverter/motor system of your choice. Using MotoTune software, you can communicate with your control module and calibrate… read more

  • Get in touch with your electrical system: New Eagle offers the mVEC.

    The Multiplexed Power Distribution Module (MPDM) offers economical CAN Network oversight for high power circuits in vehicle electrical system. It is also known as the mVec, it functions as a multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center. It is manufactured as a hardened and weather tight module, it may be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and… read more

  • New Eagle’s Hybrid Truck Case Study

    Aftermarket EV/HEV System for Class 8 Trucks. Opportunity Develop an aftermarket Class 8 truck electric vehicle / hybrid electric vehicle system with Zero Emission Systems to: Provide the electronic controls, control algorithm and system integration. Operate in electric vehicle mode when in port to provide zero emissions while queuing. Operate in hybrid electric vehicle mode during normal… read more

  • Components in Harmony: New Eagle’s communication solutions.

    Overview New Eagle engineers offer system engineering and customers embedded control systems solutions including system designs, development and integration tools and processes. Services that are provided by New Eagle include controls, production software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long term customer support. Industry Specific Solutions AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS GMLAN to… read more

  • New Eagle’s Alternative Fuel Know-How.

    New Eagle Engineering takes pride in the diversity of skill sets and achievements that its engineers bring to the team. Coming from a range of disciplines, some of us have had extensive exposure to Alternative Fueled technologies like Fuel Cell reformers, Gaseous fuels like CNG, LPG/Propane and Hydrogen. Such an interdisciplinary mix of people is… read more

  • New Eagle Product Spotlight: VeeCan 320 and J1939

    Veethree has supplemented the CANvu™ CAN bus display range with a new, fully sunlight viewable 3.5″ color display with added input and output features. The VeeCAN 320 is the next generation of compact, highly flexible, rugged CAN bus displays from Veethree. This unit is IP67 approved and was designed for harsh operating environments. The VeeCAN… read more

  • New Eagle’s Electric Vehicle Components and Products

    Capability Overview The need for a rapid transition towards electrification in today’s transportation industry is clear, but the experience and knowledge required to transform these new ideas to reality are scarce. New Eagle continues to grow its hybrid and electric vehicles team. Our expertise lies in the integration of the vehicle electronics, energy-storage and powertrain… read more

  • Case Study: New Eagle and Powertrain Integration

    Opportunity New Eagle developed the control system on a liquified petroleum gas (lpg) engine for Powertrain Integration 8.0 liter 8 cylinder engine. The system uses the 8.0L engine with a LPG fuel system from CleanFuels USA for the traditional gasoline fuel system. New Eagle provided torque security for electronic throttle control. New Eagle also implemented purge and evaporative emission… read more

  • New Eagle and the Propane Education and Research Council

    New Eagle has experience developing gaseous engine systems for both stationary and over the road applications. New Eagle uses it’s library of engine controls, it’s production qualified engine control hardware and the MotoHawk code generation platform to develop gaseous engine control solutions for our customers.

  • New Eagle and Arrow Engine Company

    Opportunity Natural Gas Engine Control System for Stationary Power Generation Develop the control system on a stationary natural gas engine for Arrow Engine Company. The engine provides power generation in oil and gas exploration sites and must run on the fuel obtained directly from the field. The energy content of the fuel and the level… read more