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New Eagle engineers offer system engineering and customers embedded control systems solutions including system designs, development and integration tools and processes. Services that are provided by New Eagle include controls, production software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long term customer support.

Industry Specific Solutions


GMLAN to J1939 Converter

MotoHawk builds a J1939 to GMLAN converter using the inherent CAN blocks and the DBC file converters. A dedicated controller for gateway, the GCMS12-24 0401 or any other MotoHawk programmable ECU with 2 CAN channels can perform this function.

CAN to J1708/J1587 Serial Converter

New Eagle can create a gateway between your J1587 serial bus to the CAN including J1939 Bus using the KAntrak and CANvu display products. Certain models of the MotoHawk ECU have serial channels for doing the communication gateway also.

New Eagle DBC CAN Networking Toolbox

Image: Capture.JPG

New Eagle's Network Toolbox makes it easy to create CAN input and output blocks in MotoHawk. Instead of manually writing code in MATLAB to handle CAN messaging, Network Toolbox enables you to have useful CAN blocks starting from an industry-standard .dbc file to describe the CAN network. This saves development and debugging time and reduces complexity. You can also create your own custom .dbc files to be used, with the free DBC file editor talked about below.

More information: New Eagle DBC CAN Networking Toolbox

Vector DBC to M-file Conversion

This is a tool box for converting DBC CAN descriptor files to MATLAB and MotoHawk compatible m-files.

To purchase, please visit our webstore

More Information: Vector DBC to CAN M-file

J1939 Options

New Eagle offers two options for J1939.

1. The J1939 M file includes an m-file of most of the basic J1939 messages. There is also a Simulink model for DM1, DM11, Address Claiming, and Static and Dynamic messaging. Since the model does not cover the entire protocol, some customized setup may required and assistance for this is included with the purchase of the library.

To purchase, please visit our webstore: J1939 Toolbox.

2. New Eagle full J1939 implementation.



CAN Multiplexing and Integration

New Eagle can work with Marine CAN protocols including SmartCraft by Mercury Marine and NMEA2000. CAN multiplexing allows one to link, control, and activate a wide range of boat systems, including propulsion, controls, helm electronics, and advanced diagnostics, as well as a host of internal and external sensors. It allows one to Monitor a vessel, its engine, and environmental conditions and integrate data from multiple sources on the vessel. One can also share control and display information at multiple locations at the helm and around the boat.

J1587/J1708 to NMEA2000 CAN Converter

New Eagle can create a translator/converter/gateway between older communication protocols such as J1587/J1708 and newer protocols like NMEA2000 and can program a colored or monochrome display to display the parameters of interest. Please contact us for questions and more information. Here's how a typical connection may look like:

More Info on KAntrak Display

Drive-by-wire vessel control applications

New Eagle engineering has participated in the development of the following applications:

  • Cummins Mercruiser AIM Prototype - Motor Boating Magazine best of show Miami 2006 for new technology (demonstrator with joystick docking and station keeping autopilot)
  • Cummins Mercruiser Zeus Marine Propulsion System - Motor Boating Magazine best of show Miami 2007 for customer interface, ease of use in a full production product based in part on the AIM technology
Cummins Zeus
Zeus YouTube video
  • Mercury Axius Marine Propulsion System - Motor Boating Magazine best of show Miami 2008 for innovative use of existing technology by improved system integration using traditional outdrives and Zeus production technologies
  • Mercury Diesel Electric Hybrid Propulsion - Hybrid

Ski Boat Cruise Control

New Eagle uses throttle by wire technology to send a signal from the throttle directly to the engine controller. This eliminates the need for the throttle cable and potentiometer sensor on the engine. PDI desires to use the simplicity of the throttle by wire design to allow for Speed/Cruise Control. PDI also desires the ability to record and playback run profiles for future use including rate of acceleration and cruise speed. To complete this functionality, a cruise control switch, GPS sensor, and display with custom screens are required.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles



  • Waypoint Following
  • Heading Hold
  • Speed Hold

Remote Control

  • Multiple remote controls
  • Removable on-board joystick control
  • Smooth hand-off
  • CAN interface on many components
  • Commercial rugged components – no toys.
  • Easy sensor interfaces
  • All data available by CAN

Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance

  • Adds resolution and path smoothing points (green) between GPS waypoints (blue)
  • Plans smoothed paths to pass seamlessly around detected obstacles
  • Tracks Heading and Course separately to compensate for wind and current
  • Tunable cross-track error correction
  • Combines with obstacle detection (obstacles in red) for obstacle avoidance and return to course

Navigation Instruments & Software Include:

  • GPS: The GPS unit is the Maretron GPS100
  • IMU
  • Compass
  • Combined units
  • Calculations

General Products

Embedded Displays

New Eagle has turn key applications using our 2" round MiniView or 4" square color (CANvu) and 4" square monochrome (CANtrak / KAntrak) displays.

CANvu Display

More Information

Embedded Displays




Telematics & Data Logging

Telematics Board

New Eagle is currently evaluating telematic solutions to allow our customers to communicate over GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi to the telematics controller that will have proprietary New Eagle software installed to communicate to a New Eagle MotoHawk ECU.

Telematics Board

CAN Datalogger

We also offer an affordable CAN data logger to our customers. The logger utilizes standard SD cards for data storage making it easy to retrieve data when needed. This device is capable of logging at rates of 1ms, making it an ideal choice for any CAN bus environment. Built in key switch detection and keep-alive circuitry ensure clean shutdowns and proper file closures.

CAN Protocol Gateways

New Eagle develops production gateway solutions usings its GCM family of controllers and its software including the DBC to Simulink converter for MotoHawk.

Our CAN protocol experience includes J1939, CANopen, GMLAN, FNOS, NMEA2000, SmartCraft and others. We have experience with general vehicle networking and have hardware and software solutions for many bus types, including J1708/J1587/Modbus, LIN, CAN, Flexray, and others.

J1939 CAN Gateway Datasheet

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