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New Eagle engineers offer system engineering and customers embedded control systems solutions including system designs, development and integration tools and processes. Services that are provided by New Eagle include controls, production software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long term customer support.

Electronics Specification and Design

New Eagle can design and develop electronics to the standards of your market. New Eagle handles all aspects of hardware design, from requirements capture through schematic design and component selection to PCB layout, test and verification. EMC compliance and its impact on both circuit design and PCB layout are also considered.

With capabilities in hardware design and our wealth of experience in all levels of embedded software design, we understand the relationship and inherent tradeoffs that exist between hardware and software. This combination of skills and experience allows us to optimize designs and minimize costs by implementing the ideal balance of both hardware and software to fulfil the customer's requirements.

Power Electronics - Core Competencies

Power Circuits Design

New Eagle has considerable experience with the physical and electrical design of power circuits from a few watts to over 1,000kW. This includes mechanical layout and complete mechanical design, thermal design, analysis of the losses and temperature rise of the components, laminated bus bar designs, DC link capacitor bank designs, and overall system enclosure design.

Power Hybrid and Multi-Chip module Packaging

We cover all areas of power module design, including power substrate layout design, die attach tooling and fixturing, wirebonding layout design, gate and power lead-frame design, injection molded component design, and comprehensive thermal and electrical analysis.

Advanced Thermal Management Design

We work on extensive thermal design and thermal component and system analysis for air-, water- and oil-cooled circuits, assemblies and systems; Cast, Extruded, Transfer Molded, Injection Molded, and exotic metal matrix materials experience; Custom heat exchanger design and fabrication and Cooling System test & qualification.

Motor Controls

We have developed and implemented DC, AC Induction, Permanent Magnet, and Switched Reluctance motor control algorithms and software for industrial, alternative energy, and traction controls.

Embedded Software Development

Our embedded software design skills range from turn-key development and the support of our model-based design tools.

With regard to the Model-based design tools, we have a ability to integrate auto-codo to a target ECU's CPU, operating system and peripheral input/output.

Whether your application is high volume, low volume, or a one-off system we have the development capabilities you need.

Model-Based Design Tools


MotoHawk is our main model-based design tool for control system applications development.

MotoHawk is a suite of software tools, controller products, starter templates, and accessories to enable a fast and flexible development cycle.

  • Mathworks Model-Based Design
  • Production Controller Hardware
  • Extensive Blockset for Easy Modeling
  • Embedded Operating System Interface
  • Diagnostics Fault Manager
  • CAN Multiplexing including J1939


New Eagle is able to build a custom blockset and development framework on your hardware.

To improve our working practices, reuse our models and enable us to work at the highly productive model level we have created many block-sets. These include:

  • Hardware Abstraction block-sets for MPC55xx, Star12 and SAM7 microprocessors
  • Volcano Network Operating System block-set
  • Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) block-set
  • HMI modelling block-set to link Simulink with Adobe Flash
  • Generic CAN controller block-set

Wiring Harness Design and Manufacturing

About our Production Wiring Capabilities

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • 30 years of electrical harness and electro-mechanical manufacturing experience
  • Core business is low- (1,000 EAU) to medium- (100,000 EAU) volume runs of high-complexity electrical assemblies
  • Keen understanding of border/customs requirements
  • 550 employees (475 hourly, two primary shifts)
  • Facility size is 140,000 square feet
  • World class safety and quality record


Key Benefits to our Wiring Facility

  • Relentless Quality Management System that produces high-quality parts with consistently less than 200 defective Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Excellent delivery performance
  • Testing expertise & processes that validate 100% of every electrical assembly
  • World-class R&D support from engineers proficient in Pro/E software
  • Onsite prototyping capabilities with 100% testing
  • We’ll create and host master drawings with real-time maintenance flexibility
  • Automotive-like manufacturing processes and techniques, but for low to medium volumes (1,000 – 100,000 EAU)
  • Available capacity
  • Employee safety is paramount concern

Image:Harness_Layout.jpg Image:Harness_Test.jpg

Electrical Testing of Harnesses

We perform an electrical test on every harness - a point-to-point test. Quality Control validates the electrical/assembly boards before start of production and on every change mae to the assembly board.

We perform a Pull force test on every terminal crimped setup. One crimped terminal for each terminal setup we checked the crimping high spec (based on manufacturing recommendation) as well as a pull-force test (also based on supplier recommendation).

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