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Product Summary

The Rinehart Motion Systems (RMS) AC Traction Controllers are designed foron- and off-road Electric (EV) or Hybrid Electric (HEV) applications. The PM-Series family is typically the lightest and smallest inverter for its power due to its high heat flux thermal design approach. The company has extensive experience in automotive, commercial vehicles, motorsports and military vehicle traction applications.

How to set-up an RMS inverter

There is an excellent guide to getting started with an RMS inverter.

Rinehart releases Firmware updates often

A Set-up GUI must be installed and connected to a PC serial port

Reinhart offers integration documentation for many popular motors

Installation for use with a Remy Motor

Step by step instructions to installing a Rinehart Motion Inverter using a Remy Motor. This document describes the multiple types of Remy motors. It also describes the process to set up the motor type.

Both the PM100 and PM150 series inverters use AN6 coolant fittings.

Setting up the PM Controller to run with Remy Motors


Software Release Notes

Please click here to view the latest RMS software release notes.

In the RMS software release notes, you can find the Rinehart Motion documentation.


  • RMS PM Hardware User Manual
  • RMS PM Software User Manual
  • RMS CAN Protocol
  • PM100 HV Connection Manual
  • Much more

Additional documentation

CAN Interface for RMS

MotoHawk CAN Library for RMS PM100

MotoHawk CAN Library for RMS PM100

Supports RMS release BB2_20111109_14C0.hex. Request more information on the MotoHawk library at sales@neweagle.net. This library and the RMS PM family of inverters integrates well with the New Eagle EV Supervisory Control system, and furthermore makes a nice EV Powertrain combination with one of the supported motors.

CAN Configuration Parameters

New Eagle's Application Engineering team can assist on a consulting or applciations contract in the correct settings of the EEPROM setting for successful implementation of the RMS drive. Many of the off the shelf settings are made to assist users who directly connect the pedal - brake interface to the inverter.

A more sophisticated (and safer) strategy for EVs is to use a supervisory controller with control over CAN. This is one of the functions of the New Eagle EV Supervisory controller.

Please contact Sales for more information on our EEPROM settings file.

Electric Motors Supported by the RMS Traction Inverter

  • Siemens/Ford Ranger Induction Motor
  • Remy HVH 250
  • Remy HVH410
  • MES-DEA 200-250 Induction Motor
  • EVO AF-140 4T
  • EVO AF-140 3T
  • EVO AF-130 3T
  • EVO AF-230 6T/ AF-130 6T
  • EVO AF-130 3T 5x Resolver
  • EVO AF-130 6T 5x Resolver
  • EVO AF 130-5T
  • EVO AF‐140 4T 1/2 Stack
  • Yasa 750 PM Motor
  • Siemens 1PV5135-4WS28
  • Parker PM Motor
  • Remy HVH250HT Motor (In Development)
  • EVO AF-140-12 PM Motor
  • MES Induction motor
  • UQM-75 Motor
  • EMRAX PM Motor
  • Yasa 400 PM Motor w/ sin/cos encoder
  • Remy HVH410‐150S
  • Numerous Customer, Proprietary Installations

Rinehart Motion FAQs

Approximate Weight

The PM100DX weighs approximately 19lbs or 8.62kgs

What is the Switching Frequency on the PM100

12 Khz

Vehicle Application

Vehicle Application Schematic


Webstore: Rinehart Motion

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

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