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MotoHawk® is a controls system application development tool that allows the user to create Simulink® diagrams that run on the MotoHawk Control Solutions' rugged, automotive-quality embedded control modules. The product summary can be downloaded here: MotoTron Product Guide.

(*Simulink is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.)

MotoHawk is intended for control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. MotoHawk is built on Woodward's ControlCore® production software framework and supports a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations. MotoHawk is a powerful development and prototyping system for Simulink/Stateflow users. Control models prototyped with MotoHawk move seamlessly from development into production.

MotoHawk follows the work flow and benefits of Model-Based design using the Mathworks tool chain. For an introduction to model-based design and Simulink, go to Model-Based Design Using Simulink.

Features include:
  • Auto-code generation of Simulink/Stateflow models using Embedded Coder/Stateflow Coder
  • Rugged controllers for prototyping and production
  • ControlCore enabled software
  • Off-the-shelf engine control libraries
  • Calibration using MotoTune® or CCP based tools
  • Responsive engineering and support services for a wide-range of applications
  • Electronic control modules available for development, fleet and production
Benefits include:
  • Simpler, faster development
  • Better testing using real ECM hardware
  • Quickly develop and enhance software features in Simulink
  • Analyze and control real-time OS from Simulink/Stateflow
  • Direct access to the production controller’s I/O from Simulink
  • Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models
  • Lower cost for fleet testing; outfit an entire test fleet with rapid prototyping capability
  • Custom block-set allows for integration of both handwritten and auto-code

If you have been directed to New Eagle Learning Center from New Eagle Webstore and would like to learn more about the contents of our MotoHawk kits, see the MotoHawk Kits page.

Investigate MotoHawk

Here is a quick way to begin learning about MotoHawk:

What you need to begin using MotoHawk

Required: Recommended: Options:
Mathworks Software 2nd Controller for debugging Greenhills Compiler (Free alternative: GCC compiler)
MotoHawk Kits Breakout Box Application Libraries
MotoHawk Training Crimp Tools CAN Data Logger
Development Controller Applications Consulting
Harnessing – Development, Pigtail, or Connector Kit Embedded Display
Boot Device – Key or Harness DBC to CAN converter
GCC compiler

There are many ways to use New Eagle and MotoHawk:

  • Purchase MotoHawk, training & support and do the controls development yourself, whether it is for "low cost" rapid prototyping or production embedded controls.
  • For Rapid Prototyping, MotoHawk users find value via:
    • MotoHawk becomes a tool for developing and validating requirements in a real-time platform, whether it is 32-bit floating point or 16-bit fixed point
    • MotoHawk’s outputs include a programmable ECU (for development), and a software – test spec. The software specification can be implemented on a customers production ECU. New Eagle can also help a customer source a proper ECU for their application, whether small or high volume
  • For Production Controls, MotoHawk users find value via:
    • Common hardware and software platform from concept, to development, to production
    • High Volume Manufactured ECUs available in low to medium volumes
    • Purchasing the New Eagle “quick-start” to help develop your application either with starter templates or from your specification
    • New Eagle acting as your controls partners from concept through development to production and beyond

MotoHawk Downloads

Click here to view the Available Versions of MotoHawk.

This requires a New Eagle Wiki login. If you do not have a login, please contact us.

MotoHawk Kits

Please contact us for more information.

MotoHawk - Rapid Development Control Suite

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Webstore: ASM-HAWK-006D-01

Webstore: ASM-HAWK-006D-01-NS


MotoHawk - Prototype Kit with ECM-0565-128

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Webstore: ASM-HAWK-005D-00


MotoHawk Only Software Dongle

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Webstore: ASM-HAWK-999C


MotoHawk and MotoTune Software Only Dongle

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Webstore: ASM-HAWK-999A

Webstore: ASM-HAWK-999A-2K


MotoHawk Software Maintenance--ALL MOTOHAWK KITS (ABOVE)

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Webstore: PROD-PLAN-001C


MotoHawk Application Libraries

Application libraries or templates are provided to assist in creating proper architecture and components in your models.

These libraries templates are intended to help a user get the project started and save time, but are not intended to be the final application. New Eagle does offer consulting or applications assistance in extending the templates for your project.

Controller Hardware

We have the following types of controllers:

  • Engine Control Modules (ECMs)
  • General Control Modules (GCMs)
  • Hydraulic Control Modules (HCMs)
  • Telematics Control Modules (TCM)

The controllers range in pin count, input, output, memory, and processor configuration.

Most modules are available in ‘F’ (Flash) or ‘C’ (Calibratible) versions. Flash modules are typically used for production purposes. Calibratible modules are typically for prototyping/development purposes and can be calibrated in real time using MotoTune or another calibration tool.

Calibration Tools


MotoTune is a Calibration/Display tool, part of MotoHawk Control Solutions, that allows flashing of modules, creations of calibrations, development of displays, and communication of two controllers at once. MotoTune / MotoServerRuntime have been released! This release supports Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). Please note that this new support for the 64-bit versions of Windows still requires using the MATLAB 32-bit versions at this time. Support for MATLAB 64-bit versions is currently planned for MotoHawk 2010b, later this year.

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MotoTune Kits

MotoTune Frequently Asked Questions
Required Files for Setting up MotoTune
MotoTune Kits

MotoTune FAQs

This page resolves commonly faced issues while using MotoTune Software from installation to application.

MotoTune Tool Frequently Asked Questions

XCP Calibration Tools

MotoHawk users have the other of calibration tool options including Vector CANape, ATI Vision, and ETAS Inca using the CCP blockset.

Service Tools

New Eagle offers a wide variety of Service Tool / End of Line Programming options to suit your specific needs. For customers with low volume or prototype development needs, the standard set of service tools are a good option.


As a product increases in series production, the MotoFlash® production programming system provides a complete solution for your medium to high volume Electronic Control Unit (ECU) programming requirements.
Key Features include:

  • Simple scan of 2 barcodes to start the programming sequence
  • Product label printed automatically after the completion of the download
  • Comprehensive online help system
  • User Configurable toolbar
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Currently being used by Mercury Marine and other MotoHawk users.

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MotoService Kits

MotoService FAQ
MotoService Downloads
MotoService Kits

Part of the MotoService tool set, MotoViewer™ provides an economical solution for basic ECU data and diagnostic needs.
Key Features include:
  • Graphical data logging
  • Detailed diagnostic list
  • View ECU fault history
  • Clear active and historic faults
  • View internal variables
  • Chart option to graph data
  • Extensive use of Microsoft GUI standards to promote user familiarity
  • Comprehensive online help system
Another part of the MotoService tool set, MotoUpdate™ provides an easy solution for reprogramming ECUs in the field or service shop.
Key Features include:
  • User friendly application – limited PC experience required to operate
  • Allows field/service personnel to update an ECU when new calibrations are required
  • Save time and money by updating the ECU on site
MotoService FAQs

MotoService Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Service Tools

Some customers require custom or existing service tools, and New Eagle can either build or integrate that tool. These tools often incorporate various protocols (CCP, KWP2000, and other CAN based protocols).
  • Standard Automotive Scan Tools (OBDII Type)
By using a custom MotoHawk block set, we have integrated standard automotive scan tools using CAN messages. This option is for the customer who requires an affordable hand held, non-pc diagnostic device.
Please contact us to discuss your need.

Other Software Tools

MotoHawk Scanner

The MotoHawk Scanner is a useful tool when you have to work with a module with unknown programming. Instead of guessing the city ID until finding one that works, or using a boot key to reflash the module, you can just use the MotoHawk Scanner to determine which city ID the module is on, and then interact with it in MotoService or MotoTune by that city ID. When using MotoHawk Scanner make sure no other programs are using the CAN bus, for example Mototune or Kvaser Can King. If another program besides MotoHawk scanner is on the bus, the scanner might not work.

The MotoHawk Scanner is available to download here.

Display Tools

MiniView 1700

The 1700 replaces the original 2" round "Miniview" gauge. The purpose of this product is to allow the MotoHawk user to send messages via a block to create a custom display, without the effort and cost of C programming.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore Downloads More Information


MiniView 1700 MiniView 1700 Datasheet MiniView 1700

VeeCAN 320 MotoHawk Slave

The New Eagle™ VeeCAN MotoHawk display application is ideal for developing a display interface using MotoHawk software. It allows a user to create a custom color display using MotoHawk modeling blocks versus time consuming C programming. MiniView MotoHawk users will appreciate the ease of creating a display that reads CAN messages from the MotoHawk controller.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore Downloads More Information

VeeCAN 320 MotoHawk Slave Display

ASM-MH-VEECAN-01 VeeCAN MotoHawk Library Datasheet VeeCAN 320 MotoHawk Slave

Bench Tools

MotoHawk users have excellent options for tools to assist in the use of the product including hand tools, break-out boxes, desktop simulators, and more.

Breakout Box Assembly

ECU breakout boxes are rugged harness inserts designed to assist troubleshooting and failure mode testing activities and are a highly recommended part of every developer's toolkit.

We have breakout boxes for all MotoHawk controller families.

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Breakout Box Assemblies

Breakout Assemblies

New Eagle offers an expansion kit for the Breakout Box Assemblies. It includes 28 total pieces, including banana plugs, alligator clips, coaxial and breakout box connectors.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Breakout Box Kit

Breakout Assembly Expansion Kit

Hand Tools

Includes tools that are designed to strip, cut, crimp, and remove wire.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Hand Tools

Connector Crimp and Removal Tools

MotoHawk Desktop I/O Simulator

The MotoHawk Desktop I/O Simulator is a powerful development tool, designed to assist in programming the MotoHawk ECM, conveniently on your desktop.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


MotoHawk Desktop I/O Simulator

MotoHawk Desktop I/O Simulator

Connector Kits

ECM, GCM, HCM, Smartcraft 10-pin through 128-pin connector kits are available.

Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Connector Kits



Any project that involves a MotoHawk controller will also involve a wire harness. The harness is nothing more than that spaghetti of wires running from the controller out to the vehicle components.

The types of MotoHawk Harnesses includes:
  • Boot Cable Harnesses, Connectors, and Keys
  • Pigtail Harness
  • Development Harness
  • Programming Cable
Part Number Picture Visit our Webstore More Information


Harness Kits

Harness Documentation

Usage Guidelines for Harness - Connector Options

  • Programming Cable - It is likely that you will have a bench set-up to download programs and possibly reboot ECUs. We often do s/w develop and interact with MotoTune at our desks using the Programming Cable.
  • Development Harness - This is the pre-built harness with the power and switching functions pre-installed.
  • Pigtail Harness - This is the color coded 12' harness for installing from the ECU to the system. The individual color coded wires are nice for early development and debugging.
  • Connector Kits - In the event that you receive a system (engine) with a OEM harness, and the job is to simply swap the ECU, use the OEM harness with the sensors / actuators installed and re-pin the ECU connectors.
  • Break-out Box - For doing bench testing and development, the break out box is available. Another option is the desktop simulator for static testing of the ECU.

3rd Party Testimonials - Record of MotoHawk Usage

Click here for 3rd Party Testimonials

MotoHawk Training

Click here for information on MotoHawk Training


Click here for MotoHawk Software and Hardware FAQs (Includes info on software block sets and maintenance and support policies)

Contact Us

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