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Welcome to New Eagle Wiki

New Eagle's Systems and Products Information Site

Our Systems and Product wiki is a collection of information on New Eagle. It is organized by System and by Product per the left side-bar or the simple navigation below.

If you have questions or needs, please contact us.


Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

New Eagle offers a complete electric or hybrid system and is uniquely poised to offer assistance to the next fleet or OEM conversion company.

Industrial Engines

New Eagle is a developer of engine control systems including mobile industrial and stationary power generation. Our site includes components available, our systems, and reference applications.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

New Eagle distributes high capability automotive components and engineering resources to companies with alternative fuel needs.

Military Applications

New Eagle is well suited to meet the requirements of the military marketplace by providing rapid development for control systems.

Intelligent Machines

New Eagle is able to leverage the capabilities of individual components to provide a synergy that allows rapid, high content development for the creation of an intelligent machine.

Products by Application

Electric & Hybrid

New Eagle has an extensive supplier network to provide the best validated components at competitive prices for all EV and HEV applications.

Engine Controls

New Eagle engineering services offer controls, production, software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long-term customer support.

Mobile Hydraulics

New Eagle designs and integrates model-based control systems, providing rapid and effective solutions across a range of Mobile Hydraulics applications.

Products by Category


New Eagle offers a range of controllers available for production or development purposes, varying in pin count, input, output, memory, and processor configuration.

Data Loggers

New Eagle offers two embedded data logger solutions which both provide the capability for event data recording, and vehicle / system monitoring at a reasonable cost.


New Eagle offers a number of displays that can integrate with systems created using the MotoHawk development tool suite, but can also be used in a standalone manner with existing systems that contain CAN and Serial protocols.

Harnesses & Connectors

New Eagle offers options for connection needs among the available products.

Input Output Devices

New Eagle carries CAN source Input / Output (IO) devices for your application.

Sensor Actuators

New Eagle offers a variety of quality sensors and actuators.


New Eagle has developed a family of MotoHawk compatible telematics products, which enables remote tracking and management of assets through GPS, wireless and cellular data technology.

Products by tools

Automated Testing

New Eagle has developed an automated testing platform for MotoHawk models which allows the user to write scripted, repeatable tests against production hardware.

CAN Networking

New Eagle offers many tools for the development and testing of CAN networks including MotoHawk add-ons and the Kvaser hardware and software products.

MotoHawk Tools

New Eagle is a distributor of MotoHawk®, a controls system application development tool that allows the user to create Simulink® diagrams that run on rugged, automotive-quality embedded control modules.

Raptor Platform

New Eagle offers the Raptor™ platform for developing an "Intelligent Machine", a connected and distributed control system that is advanced, scalable, self-diagnosing, and remotely controllable.

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