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Fuse/ControlCore Server


Fuse is a CAN based custom service tool built to meet your requirements. It is a product produced by MotoTron that connects user interface applications with your system's data through a drag & drop design surface. Fuse allows non-programmers to create rich visualizations connected to the runtime data of real systems. It was previously known under a codename as Verve. Fuse builds on Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to bring advanced visualization of your system's data to your desktop and mobile tools. Using Expression Blend, a tool created by Microsoft for user interface designers, Fuse produced user interfaces come together seamlessly.

ControlCore Server:
ControlCore® Server is a framework for enabling communication and run-time visibility into & around embedded systems. It is also the host for PC applications that require communication, simulation, calibration, run-time analysis, CAN data-logging & validation with respect to embedded modules and their relevant software. Server provides some unique offerings such as Networking CAN buses using a TCP/IP pipe between geographically separated locations.

ControlCore Server is the host process on the PC for other applications that do the following:

  • Simulate hardware/software entities
  • Calibration
  • Analysis
  • Testing & Validation
  • Visualization

Fuse/ControlCore Server FAQs

Fuse/ControlCore Server FAQs

Fuse/ControlCore Server Downloads

Required Files for Fuse


Webstore: Fuse

Rapid Prototyping


New Eagle is releasing an infotainment rapid-prototyping platform to enable engineers to rapid-prototype and test in-car HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). Currently, this is a preliminary product and will be available for purchase soon.

Infotainment HMI is a very complex and highly visible aspect of a modern vehicle. It is notoriously difficult to do well and takes many hours of trial to get a slick, usable and delightful HMI. Time taken to perform a change with a traditional supplier can be lengthy, so when time runs out, the OEM settles for the ‘not too bad’. Further, without many expensive rigs, only 1 or 2 people can test drive at a time. This exciting new platform supports system and control logic modeled in Simulink and Stateflow with the graphical user interface designed in Adobe Flash. Separating the engineering logic from the graphical skin ensures that the layers are kept intact, the features testable and reusable and the look and-feel changeable. Since the platform is robust and has a very low quiescent current as well as wake-on CAN it is an ideal in-car prototyping platform so that the HMIs may be tested as they are meant to be used, in a vehicle.

It allows early prototyping and testing of HMI logic, enabling improvements in ergonomic screen flow, data positioning and graphical styling. Needless to mention, with the very early testing in-vehicle, one can avoid extended periods to discover what it is like to live with a HMI design.

Data Sheet

HMI Rapid Prototyping Datasheet


Contact New Eagle for more information about this product

Embedded Displays

New Eagle has turn key applications using our 2" round MiniView, 4" square color (VeeCAN), and our 4" square black & white (CANtrak) displays. New Eagle also offers the Kongsberg Automotive KAntrak.

New Eagle is also working on developing both a 7" and 10" color display solution.

More Information:

Embedded Displays



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