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New Eagle Engineers have plenty of experience and constant interaction with engine control systems. They are able to provide customers with support and control system solutions including system design, development, and integration tools and processes. New Eagle engineering services cover controls, production, software testing, component and hardware selection and development, user interface devices, and long term customer support.

Engine Control Products

AIM - Advanced Ignition Module

The AIM 500 is easy to install and will work on most stationary or transient engine platforms. It is a digital controller with fully calibrateable software. Digital Display (-40F to 158F) The AIM 500 Is a production ready solution. If you have additional requirements, get in touch with us and we can customize it to your needs.

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AIM500 Datasheet

AIM 500

Stand-alone Diesel & GDI Engine Controller

This controller is capable of operating as a standalone engine management unit for a variety of vehicles and engines. The i7 modules are specially designed to work with direct injection SI and CI engines. This module also offers several emission control features; extensive pressure and temperature inputs, control outputs for EGR valve and 4 knock sensor inputs for combustion analysis.

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ECM-NIRA i7x-1301

ECM-NIRA i7rs-1301

ECM-NIRA i7rp-1301

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Pin Overview

Stand-Alone NIRA

Engine Controls Development

MotoHawk Engine Control Libraries

The MotoHawk tool chain provides templates for various engine control applications. these libraries are intended to save you time in the creation of your own system. These libraries include:

  • GM 4L80E Transmission Controller
  • Compression Ignition Base (Diesel) Engine Controller
  • Spark Ignition Base Gasoline Engine Control
  • Knock Controller with Band Pass Filter
  • MAP Based Camless Sync
  • Misfire Detection Monitor
  • Post O2 Control
  • Stepper Motor Controller
  • Torque Based Control for Spark Ignition Engine
  • Wide Band O2 Sensor Controller (Narrow Band for the ECM-5554-112 Controller)
  • Variable Cam Timing Interpretation
  • Webstore: Engine Control

Engine control is only one category of MotoHawk Application libraries. Click Here for a complete list.

Thermocouple to CAN Scanner

If you are using thermocouples to record engine temperatures for exhaust, winding temperature, fluids, etc. and need a thermocouple scanner, New Eagle’s Axiomatic solution can work for you. The Axiomatic Thermocouple Scanner has 20 channels of several types of Thermocouples and outputs the information via J1939 or CANOpen.

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Cam and Crank 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The New Eagle Cam and Crank 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator is designed to simulates low frequency, digital Cam and Crank signals. These signals can be calibrated using MotoTune Software to fit any Cam and Crank combination. The included harnesses are designed specifically for the simulation of these Cam and Crank Signals.

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New Eagle Cam & Crank 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator Starter/Advanced Kit

Summary Page

User Manual

Cam and Crank 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Diesel & Direct Injection Driver System

New Eagle supplies a diesel (solenoid or piezo) and gasoline (DI) injector product line for use with MotoHawk or other engine control development tools. This injector driver is built upon a production diesel engine controller meaning it is rugged and available for volume production.

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i7rp Driver
i7rs Driver
i7x Driver

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Injector Driver Product Page


New Eagle offers a variety of components for engine control, the typical ones are listed below. For more products information, please visit


ECM-5554-112 (PCM112)

Features Include

  • MPC 5554 80 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 9-16 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 105°C
Processor Inputs Outputs Communications Operating Voltage

80 MHz Freescale MPC 5554



3 CAN, 1 RS485

9-16 VDC

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ECM Drawing

CAD Drawing


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Data Loggers

New Eagle Low-Cost CAN Data Logger

The logger utilizes standard SD cards for data storage making it easy to retrieve data for applications including Event Data Logging (EDR). This device is capable of logging at rates of 1ms, making it an ideal choice for any CAN bus environment. Built in key switch detection and keep-alive circuitry ensure clean shutdowns and proper file closures.

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CANLogger User Manual


New Eagle Raptor Data Logger

This logger utilizes a USB stick for data storage and effortless data retrieval. Two CAN channels are provided, preconfigured to 250K and 500k, with logging at rates up to 1ms to make this device is an ideal choice for most CAN bus environments. While the unit can function without user intervention, an interface button is provided to allow for multiple logging sessions. This data logging device can survive in the harshest environments due to its robust components.

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Data Sheet

User Manual

VeeCAN320 Data Logger


VeeCAN 320

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VeeCAN 320

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User Manual

3-D CAD (.stp)

More Details

Sensor Actuators

MotoTron Gasoline Fuel Injector

MotoTron short-body 60 lb/hr (10.7 gm/sec) Siemens fuel injector. Please Contact Sales for the characterization of the injector.

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Bosch CNG Fuel Injector

The Bosch NGI2 injector is available. Please Contact Sales for more information.

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Engineering Services

New eagle offers engineering services and support to assist you with your engine controls design and application. Engineering Services

Contact Us

For questions or more information, please contact sales@neweagle.net

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