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New Eagle offers many tools for the development and testing of CAN networks including MotoHawk add-ons and the Kvaser hardware and software products.

MotoHawk Libraries and Tools

CANopen Library for MotoHawk

As an add- to MotoHawk, the CANopen Client Library implements the master side of the CANopen protocol. Instead of manually writing code to handle the initialization sequence and other protocol status messages, by dropping a few key blocks into a Simulink model, the CANopen Library enables you to quickly establish the communication protocol. This saves development and debugging time and reduces complexity.

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For more information, the datasheet is available here: MotoHawk CANopen Library User Guide. To inquire about obtaining the library, email New Eagle using this contact page.

DBC to CAN Toolbox for MotoHawk

Introduction to Network Toolbox (VIDEO)

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New Eagle's Network Toolbox makes it easy to create CAN input and output blocks in MotoHawk. Instead of manually writing code in MATLAB to handle CAN messaging, Network Toolbox enables you to have useful CAN blocks starting from an industry-standard .dbc file to describe the CAN network. This saves development and debugging time and reduces complexity. With the free DBC file editor mentioned below, you can also create your own custom .dbc files.

More information: New Eagle DBC CAN Networking Toolbox

Vector DBC to M-file Converter

This is a simple script file for converting DBC CAN descriptor files to MATLAB and MotoHawk compatible m-files.

To purchase, please visit our webstore

More Information: Vector DBC to CAN M-file

J1939 Toolbox (Diagnostic Manager)

New Eagle's J1939 Library can accelerate your heavy vehicle development, especially for systems targeting certification.

J1939 CAN MotoHawk M File

The J1939 Message file, from Woodward, includes an m-file of most of the basic J1939 messages. There is also a Simulink model for DM1, DM11, Address Claiming, and Static and Dynamic messaging. Since the model does not cover the entire protocol, some customized setup may be required and assistance for this is included with the purchase of the library.

To purchase, please visit our webstore.

Kvaser Advanced CAN Solutions

Kvaser develops interfaces and data loggers for any flavor of CAN and CAN related buses to meet customer system requirements. The Kvaser USB to CAN devices are the approved products of MotoHawk. Kvaser tools are easy to use, accurate and state-of-the-art. Rigorous quality assurance and control processes for both hardware and software ensures that Kvaser delivers a user-friendly and up-to-date tool. Also, using Kvaser products is recommended with MotoHawk applications because it is all compatible whereas other tools may not be compatible. Kvaser products are also very cost effective.

More Information: Kvaser Advanced CAN Solutions


Kvasers hardware interfaces can be used throughout the product cycle, for development,simulation, test, and other maintenance of CAN networks and related. All Kvaser Hardware is designed to perform at their optimum in industrial or automotive temperature ranges, while some are specifically ruggedised to endure the most hostile of environments.


Kvaser offers 3rd party software for analysis, simulation, calibration, debugging, and more. Developers can download software and start developing around any Kvaser interface right away.

EasyCAN for Kvaser

EASY CAN is an intuitive CAN network interface and analysis tool dedicated to Kvaser CAN interfaces. EASY CAN is an easy CAN monitor for viewing, sending, and recording CAN data traffic.

For daily use, EASY CAN offers powerful basic functions for beginners as well as extensive detailed functions for experienced users. EASY CAN also includes advanced analysis tools.

More Information on Easy CAN

Kvaser Database Editor

Kvaser offers a DBC File creator / editor which can be downloaded from Kvaser DBC Editor

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