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New Eagle offers a complete electric or hybrid system and is uniquely poised to offer assistance to the next fleet or OEM conversion company. By leveraging the experience and existing design to manage this complex technology, there are new opportunities for customers to partner with New Eagle to bring their vehicles to market at a fraction of the cost.

The need for a rapid transition towards electrification in today’s transportation industry is clear, but the experience and knowledge required to transform these new ideas to reality are scarce. New Eagle has an experienced hybrid and electric vehicles team. Our expertise lies in the integration of the vehicle electronics, energy-storage and powertrain controls. We can help you create, integrate as well as execute your plan.

Electric & Hybrid Components

New Eagle has an extensive supplier network to provide the best validated components at competitive prices. This offering includes a full set of components required for the design and manufacture of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Please click here for information on EV Parts and Components and fill out our Checklist to make sure that we get all of the parts necessary to make your application successful.

Electric & Hybrid Powertrain Systems

New Eagle provides a complete EV drivetrain system that has already been designed and validated. This system leverages proven supervisory software and electrical design coupled with automotive grade components all created to work together. Collectively, this greatly reduces vehicle build time and total cost. The drivetrain can be used in fleet vehicle conversions, new OEM vehicles, aftermarket kits and many other applications.

The New Eagle Electric Drive system includes the following major components properly sized and available for all vehicle classes:

Supervisory Controller - the 'brains' of the system to make sure everything works together safely and efficiently

Electric Traction Motor - applies torque to drive the wheels and capture energy when braking

Electric Traction Inverter - drives and controls motor to desired torque command

HV Battery Pack - energy source and storage device

Gearbox/Transmission - couples the motor to the wheels at the optimal ratio for motor efficiency

Electric Accessories - the climate control and assist pumps to make the vehicle perform normally

Electrical Harnessing - LV and HV harnesses pre-designed to plug and play with the drive system components

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Expertise

New Eagle can help its clients move through every stage of development, from concept to production. Using its years of experience developing electric and hybrid vehicle control algorithms and its network of component suppliers , New Eagle has developed different levels of the Vehicle Supervisory offerings to cover the applications below:

EV & HEV System Architecture Design Service

New Eagle has significant experience in the creation of EV system architecture concepts and designs, particularly in regards to the system controls network. In some cases, this may be developed by the customer prior to engaging New Eagle. In the case that the customer has either not developed or needs to modify the system architecture or controls network, New Eagle can assist by conceptualizing the necessary layout. The conceptualization utilizes an experienced New Eagle engineer and typically takes a week with deliverables of a concept diagram, description documentation and implementation strategy.

EV Supervisor Custom Solution

In many cases, our customers have unique requirements that require a custom solution for the EV supervisor.

This image depicts a typical supervisory control architecture for production EVs. For custom solutions, New Eagle develops controls solutions for a broad range of applications utilizing production validated electronic control units and the MotoHawk® model based code generation platform. A main focus for New Eagle is the EV and HEV market. New Eagle customers benefit from the field tested hardware and software solutions that are provided while tailoring the application to their particular niche. New Eagle is efficient at reuse of hardware and software while keeping customer specific applications confidential and protected. No time is wasted developing non-differentiating solutions as New Eagle is able to focus on the critical product parameters, thus saving significant overall non-recurring engineering costs by as much as 80%.

As part of New Eagle’s dedication to lean product development and reuse, New Eagle has designed an EV product development framework. This framework allows New Eagle to quickly work with customers to create and manage a product development plan to their needs. New Eagle uses the Talon Product Development Process to take programs from proof of concept through product launch and then to production. Development phases are divided into concept validation (CV), design validation (DV), product validation (PV) and series production phases. A copy of the product development framework can be found in the appendix.

New Eagle has recognized the need for customer compliance to the evolving safety standards of the automotive industry. As such, New Eagle has developed tools to guide the development of robust software functions for adherence to ISO26262 standards.

Application Experience

New Eagle control systems can be found all over the world, ranging from on and off highway prototypes to low volume production vehicles.

Below are a few examples of the many electric and hybrid vehicles that run with New Eagle products and controls.

Electric Shuttle Vans

New Eagle helped develop a complete electric conversion kit for the Ram Promaster™ or Fiat Ducato™ for Zenith Motors.

The shuttle van is designed primarily for airport passenger use and has a range of 80 miles.

Micro-Turbine Hybrid Class 8

New Eagle developed the hybrid supervisory control system and component electrical design for the WAVE advanced concepts vehicle Peterbilt developed for Walmart.
The truck utilizes a Capstone Micro-Turbine. Here is a video of the truck in action.

Electric Delivery Trucks

New Eagle helped develop the electric propulsion system for the unique BoulderEV delivery trucks.

The work trucks are designed to carry a heavy payload and have a range of 100 miles.

EV / HEV Aftermarket System for Class 8 Trucks

New Eagle worked with Zero Emission Systems to develop an aftermarket hybrid truck system. The system is designed to provide zero emissions while queuing in port and to provide improved gas mileage during normal operations.

With New Eagle's help, Zero Emissions Systems was able to successfully demonstrate the operation of the EV/HEV system (video) on a vehicle.

Link to Hybrid Truck System Case Study

Diesel Hybrid Electric Bus

The bus industry represents an excellent opportunity to utilize the advantages of a hybrid system in order to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

New Eagle has successfully integrated a number of hybrid bus projects and offers flexible design and execution for a variety Diesel Hybrid Electric Applications designed to fit the customer requirements.

Let New Eagle's experienced EV/HEV team work with you to develop an architecture that fits your hybrid bus needs.

Other Successful Projects

  • Electric Delivery Truck (Class 7)
  • Electric Passenger Vehicles
  • Hybrid Transit Buses
  • Electric & Hybrid Marine

Contact Us

Please contact us for components inquiries or to work with our EV/HEV team for supporting your projects.

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